Empowering Central Florida: Successful Programs and Initiatives

For the past four decades, the Central Florida Community Action Agency (CFCAA) has been devoted to reducing poverty, advocating for the voiceless, and helping people living in poverty become self-sufficient. To reach these objectives, the CFCAA has implemented a range of programs and initiatives that focus on improving the lives of those in need. One such program is the Central Florida Men's Health Initiative (CFMHI). Developed by the Florida Department of Health in Orange County in collaboration with other community partners, this program seeks to raise awareness of preventable health issues and motivate men and boys to take charge of their health by consulting their doctor for annual tests.

To further its commitment to Central Florida, the CFMHI also provides competitive grants to local organizations and Orlando Health team members to help enhance health and well-being in the region. The mission statement of the CFMHI is “To promote and inspire a culture of health and health equity for all men and boys in Central Florida through stakeholders, initiatives and measurable behavioral changes, and community collaboration.” Thanks to existing partnerships with Franklin Park and Fort Myers Middle elementary schools, these schools now have frameworks to improve their food pantries and clothing closets. In addition, they are also planning a community partnership school. The University of Central Florida (UCF) Center serves as a comprehensive resource for best practices in advancing community schools through technical assistance, evaluation, and university attendance.

This helps drive continuous improvement and better outcomes for students, families, and communities. At present, there are 36 community association schools in Florida that serve more than 33,000 students and their communities. Orlando Health is investing in the Central Florida region by offering grants to support important work that improves the community.

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