Infrastructure: The Driving Force Behind Central Florida's Development

The Central Florida Innovation District is a prime example of how infrastructure can be a powerful tool for community development. With the help of Florida Polytechnic University and SunTrax, the 475-acre test center along Polk Parkway, this district is taking full advantage of the state's investments and cutting-edge technology. Local governments in Florida have been eager to consider new developments in their communities when offering “affordable” or “affordable” housing so that locals can find a home. This exciting opportunity has also marked the addition of an international research and development company to the Florida Polytechnic campus and the Central Florida Innovation District. The Central Florida Innovation District is well-positioned to drive the future of innovation and technology.

It has access to vast infrastructure, next generation talent, and proximity to two major metropolitan areas, Orlando and Tampa. Last year alone, nearly 30,000 new homes opened in Central Florida, and the construction of commercial buildings and multi-family homes increased by 66 percent. From improvements to the downtown urban landscape and a new Costco store in Clermont, to the resurfacing and reconstruction of State Highway 436 in Altamonte Springs and flood mitigation projects in Orange County, there are constant improvements in Central Florida. It is evident that infrastructure has been a major factor in the development of communities in Central Florida. The Gold Coast Builders Association and South Florida Builders Association have successfully campaigned against initiatives to increase impact rates.

This shows that infrastructure is not only important for economic growth but also for providing affordable housing for locals. Infrastructure has also been essential for providing access to cutting-edge technology, next generation talent, and proximity to two major metropolitan areas.

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