Uniting Central Florida Through Values

The Central Florida region is a vibrant and diverse community, and the YMCA and College of Central Florida (CFCJ) are two of its most important institutions. The YMCA is devoted to instilling care, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith as core values that bring the movement together. CFCJ has been providing educational opportunities since 1957 and is now accredited by the Universities Commission of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate and baccalaureate degrees. The YMCA is committed to improving the lives of everyone in Central Florida by connecting individuals, families and communities to opportunities based on Christian values that strengthen the spirit, mind and body.

The organization also works to demonstrate strong leadership in promotion efforts for these values. The College of Central Florida offers students the chance to pursue their passions through career-focused programs. With a mission to provide quality education to the 3.5 million residents of Central Florida, CFCJ has grown to become the center of higher education in Marion, Citrus and Levy Counties. The CFCJ and the HJC merged in 1966, and in 1971 the name was changed to Central Florida Community College to better reflect their mission.

The college has also been approved by the Florida Department of Education to award associate degrees, high school degrees, college credit certificates and occupational certificates. The YMCA and College of Central Florida are two essential institutions in Central Florida that are united by their shared values. Through their commitment to promoting care, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith, they are helping to create a stronger community for everyone.

Erika Teuteberg
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