Creating a Stronger Sense of Unity in Central Florida

CCU Orlando is a welcoming community that is devoted to transforming lives, celebrating diversity, and promoting soul growth. To achieve this, objectives must be aligned at all levels. When business units are not in sync with the company's global vision, it can create an uncomfortable atmosphere that leads to negative behavior. For example, let's consider a company with a service group and a construction group.

One metric that applies to both units is profitability. However, if the two are compared side by side, there can be a significant gap between the two reference points. Sharing this data internally can lead to an abyss between the two groups, as each one questions the effectiveness of the other. This doesn't mean that companies should avoid sharing information, but it is essential to create a program that translates the results in a way that makes sense. For instance, if you were to start a mechanical contractor company with a service group and a construction group, measuring something like gross margin - which reportedly favors the service branch - could create a sense of distorted relationship and lead to finger pointing.

Instead, it is important to measure based on something like customer service, which encourages more camaraderie and less division. Unity of Central Florida is a welcoming community dedicated to transforming lives, celebrating diversity and supporting soul growth. When they began working at Leisure City, Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade partnered with a local non-profit organization to send letters in multiple languages to all residents of the neighborhood to ensure that all homeowners have access to services. Building a Healthy Neighborhood is an alliance between Rebuilding Together, volunteers, neighbors, community leaders and local organizations to revitalize neighborhoods with safe, affordable and accessible housing and thriving community spaces. Before joining FMI, Schoppman served as a senior project manager for a general contracting company in central Florida. Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay services - which focus on the communities of Sulphur Springs, West Tampa and Lealman - help preserve the housing stock, create new affordable housing and create employment opportunities in those communities. There are many ways to help build a stronger sense of unity in Central Florida's community.

Companies should strive for alignment between business units and measure success based on customer service rather than profitability. Additionally, organizations like Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade and Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay are making great strides in revitalizing neighborhoods and creating employment opportunities.

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