The Power of Education to Transform Central Florida Communities

Education is a powerful force for effecting positive change in communities. In Central Florida, public and private partnerships have enabled the development of groundbreaking research initiatives, internships, and policy-making programs. These efforts have helped to equip graduates with the skills they need to pursue successful careers in mental health counseling, education, public administration, legal studies, criminal justice, and health management and information technology. Community collaboration schools are also making a difference in Central Florida.

These schools are tailored to meet the specific needs of their students and families by connecting them to a wide range of resources that are adapted to the needs of that community. Thrive Central Florida's five impact funds are evidence-based and designed to bring about monumental change. The Community Social Connection Focus Area & is devoted to making Central Florida a safe space for people of all ethnicities, races, backgrounds and cultures. This focus area focuses on providing quality healthcare, physical activity and nutritious food to all Central Floridians, regardless of income.

Currently, there are 36 community association schools in Florida that serve more than 33,000 students and their communities. The UCF Center serves as a comprehensive resource for best practices in advancing community schools through technical assistance, evaluation, and university attendance. This helps to ensure continuous improvement and better outcomes for students, families and communities. Before Thrive was established, the Central Florida Foundation began bringing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to Central Florida. This has helped to create a more sustainable future for the region.

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