casselberry police department

Police Station Site Cleanup

Located at the heart of the City’s Town District area, the Police Department property is currently improved with a two-story building occupied by the Casselberry Police Department. Historically, this site was once utilized for auto repair and service stations. Due to these previous uses, environmental activities conducted brought results of groundwater and soil contamination. The site was entered into the State Petroleum Cleanup Program (PCPP) in 1996.


The City was awarded a US EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant to assist in the funding of the cleanup activities for this site. The intent of the cleanup is to reduce petroleum hydrocarbons in groundwater to levels below the groundwater cleanup target levels (GCTLs) listed in Chapter 62-777 of the Florida Administrative Code.


The proposed remedial system includes horizontal biosparge injection wells drilled beneath the police station parking lot. The system is designed to inject high concentrations of air (oxygen) into the contaminated zone in order to facilitate the growth of hydrocarbon-degrading microbes. This approach was selected because it is largely unobtrusive to Police Station activities. In addition to providing for protection of human health and the environment, full remediation of the site will add considerable value to this City’s asset.

Questions regarding this Brownfields Cleanup project may be directed to Pamela Lynch of the City’s Economic Development Division at (407) 262-7700 extension 1107.