Brownfield Redevelopment Bonus Refund Program

An incentive available to encourage redevelopment and job creation with designated brownfield areas. A pre-approved applicant may receive a tax refund equal to 20% of the average annual wage of the new jobs created in a designated brownfield area up to a maximum of $2,500 per new job created. Refunds are based upon taxes paid by the business, including corporate income, sales, ad valorem, intangible personal property, insurance premiums, and certain other taxes. No more than 25% of the total refund approved may be paid in any single fiscal year. This may be awarded in addition to the QTI Tax Refund.

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Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund Program (QTI)

An incentive available for companies that create high wage jobs in targeted high-value added industries. This incentive includes refunds on corporate income, sales, ad valorem, intangible personal property, insurance premiums, and other certain taxes. Pre-approved applicants who create jobs in Florida receive tax refunds of $3,000 per net new Florida full-time equivalent job created and $6,000 in an Enterprise Zone or rural county. For businesses paying 150% of the average annual wage, add $1,000 per job; for businesses paying 200% of the average annual salary, add $2,000 per job. New or expanding businesses in selected target industries or corporate headquarters are eligible.

  • Manufacturing Facilities

» Chemical, pharmaceutical, computer & electronic, transportation equipment, machinery, electrical equipment, food & beverage products, textile mills/apparel, wood & paper products, printing, metal, furniture & related products

  • Finance & Insurance Services

» Non-depository credit institutions, securities, commodity contracts, insurance carriers, funds, trusts & other financial vehicles

  • Wholesale Trade

» Business to business electronic marketing

  • Information Industries

» Sound recording, film, video & electronic media, information services, data processing, publishing, & telecommunications

  • Professional, Scientific & Technical Services

» Computer programming & design, research & development, simulation training, scientific and technical consulting, testing laboratories

  • Management Services

» National, international & regional headquarters, bank holding company offices

  • Administrative & Support Services

» Customer care centers, credit bureaus

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Capital Investment Tax Credit (CITC)
Eligible projects in designated high-impact sectors receive an annual credit against the corporate income tax for up to 20 years. Eligible projects are those in designated, high-impact sectors (currently silicon technology, biotechnology, biocertain transportation equipment manufacturing or certain information technology facilities) that create at least 100 jobs and invest at least $25 million in eligible capital costs.

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Qualified Defense Contractor Tax Refund
The Qualified Defense Contractor Tax Refund is a tool to preserve and grow Florida’s high technology employment base—giving Florida a competitive edge as defense contractors consolidate defense contracts, acquire new contracts, or convert to commercial production. Pre-approved projects receive tax refunds of up to $5000 per job created or saved in Florida. Conversion of defense jobs to civilian production, the acquisition of a new defense contract, or the consolidation of a defense contract are eligible projects.

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High Impact Performance Grant
The High Impact Business Performance Incentive Grant is a negotiated incentive used to attract and grow major high impact facilities in Florida. Grants are provided to pre-approved applicants in certain high-impact sectors as designated by the Governor’s Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development (OTTED).

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Economic Development Transportation Fund
Also called the “Road Fund,” this is an incentive tool designed to alleviate transportation problems that adversely impact a specific company’s location or expansion decision. The elimination of the problem must serve as an inducement for a specific company’s location, retention, or expansion project in Florida and create or retain job opportunities for Floridians.

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